As NOT seen on TV. There are many preconceived notions as to what an intervention is and looks like. People often think an intervention is what is see on TV however this is not always (rarely, in my experience) true.

Simply put, an intervention is a time in which barriers to treatment are removed and an individual is asked to get help. 

Bringing in a professional provides neutrality and objectivity as well as a guide to the process. We help find treatment, remove barriers, form language and provide education in order that the family is fully prepared to address their loved one. Often a formal intervention is not even needed as barriers are removed.

It is important to understand that once a loved one has accessed treatment the work is not done. As a family, it is important to follow up on learning about substance use disorders, healing your hurts/fears and develop coping skills in order that when your loved one returns you are able to respond rather than react. Recovery is a family affair.

Live More Recovery staff are professionally trained and  practice several methods of intervention. We design the intervention plan according to your families needs.

As your interventionist, Live More Recovery commits to provide affordable intervention that will include 6 months of follow-up  services for the entire family.

Call for a consultation. Often we are able to talk you thru the first steps and an intervention is not even needed but if it is we will be there to serve you.