Live More Recovery provides SOLUTION focused services for individuals and families who have a desire to find, share and live more fully within their individual recovery paths.

We purposely have designed our services to be welcoming to any person regardless of their "obsession". We have found that the principles of recovery including 12 steps, empathy, connection, open-mindedness, and self-compassion are common solutions to complex problems. It is our goal to focus on solution rather than the problem.

At Live More Recovery you will find individuals who have realized that merely removing the "problem" from their life did not equate to "living fully". While the goal to "fix a loved one" or overcome an obsession with drugs, alcohol, food, gambling etc., may be enough for some, individuals at Live More Recovery desire to advance beyond the problem. By doing so, they continue to grow and serve each other, their families, community and higher powers in ways that are healthy and meaningful.

As a wise person once said "If we aren't growing, we're going". Once "recovered", we believe the process can be a fun fulfilling journey that lasts a lifetime! If you need recovery, are bored/stagnant or seeking to take your recovery to the next level, Live More Recovery might be for you.

Live More Recovery offers counseling, coaching, support meetings and professional intervention services. Scroll down to learn more.

Attention: Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak we are currently holding Zoom meetings at 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings. Please contact LiveMoreRecovery@gmail.com for Zoom meeting log on information


Wednesdays 7:00pm
Colonial Hills United Methodist Church
5247 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230
Park in the back of the church. We meet in the Child Development Center on the second floor. There is an elevator. The Child Development Center is the building furthest southwest on the property. Enter thru the doors on the back side of the building.

Group meetings are self sustaining. We pass the hat.

Your personal anonymity is up to you. We believe it is your right to share anything you want about YOU with the world. We believe sharing with others opens the door to hope for those still suffering and encourage sharing your recovery story as you feel called to do so. Confidentiality is another matter. As a group we want to protect your privacy. Our members agree that who we see here and what we hear here, stays here. This is a safe place.